INRECA had been Selected as District Mother NGO for Narmada District Scince-2004-2018 in order to carry out RCH activities in entire narmada district in association with other field NGO in all 4 talukas (now 5 talukas) and during this period; based on the following objective of RCH % Indicators
Overall Achievements of RCH Indicators(%)

Sr. No

RCH Indicators


2017 -18


Early Registration/Total Registration

78.80 %



ANC 3-4 Checkups/ Total Registration

65.02 %



Institutional Deliveries/Total Deliveries

78.04 %



Home Delivery

21.06 %



PNC 3 Checkups/Total Deliverie

67.09 %



Breastfeeding on 1stDay/Live Births

88.90 %



Full Immunization/Live Birth

86.7 %



JSY Benefit/Institutional Deliveries

65.35 %



CJY Benefit/Institutional Deliveries

61.78 %



Use of 108/Institutional Deliveries

74.71 %





Community based intervention to improve demand for Full Immunization Coverage of Children below 2 Years in Dediapada block of Narmada District funded by UNICEF

Community based Intervention to improve demand for Full Immunization Coverage of Chilldern below 2 years in Dediapada block of Narmada District."UNICEF HAS HONOURED OUR REQUEST and asked for the submission of the project proposal its strategies, methodologies likely to be adopted in order to achive the target including back ground ofthe organization,its capacity,local rapport, experience of the organization especially in the pursuit of health, defining roles and responsibilities, expectatations from UNICEF including enhancing capacity building of the local staff in regards to communication building, inter-personal communication and technical skill required for the implementation of the project.Organization submitted his proposal and had lot of discussions and deliberations made certain improvements in the proposal.Furthermore organization advised to become partner with UNICEF through on line submission and procure partner profile,details of bank accounts and other requisite documents belonging to organization INRECA sansthan submitted his final project proposal along with all relevant documents on dated 13.10.2015. Eventually this project got sanctioned by UNICEF after evalution of financial and account procedures adopted by us on dated 15.10.2015 video no. GAN/c4D/2015/272 for the period of one year W.e.f 15 Oct 2015 to 14 Oct 2016 which would be subsequently further extended depending on demand to accomplish the target.

The main objectives of the programme are as:- a. to aware complete Routine Immunization of entire 2 PHCs of 63 vilaages Dediapada block children ageing 0 to 2 years.
b. To aware and motivate of link workers as well as Hamlet Volunteer to ensure complete routine immunization of infants.
To enhance the level of awareness among stakeholders with respect to mother and children health ageeing 0 to 2 years which are more vulnerable and respected persons like bhuvas, Bhagats, and social workers in order to promote and ensure complete routine immunization. The following activities shall be carried out under the programme:-
A)Orientation of Link Workers:- An orientation programme shall be organized for link Workers at INRECA Complex for three days. During this orientation programme LWs shall be discussed about the modus operandi of the project e.g Conducting Demo- Health survey in all the villages within three days based on the questionnaire developed by INRECA Sansthan, Selection of Hmalet Volunteers based the criterion. Line list PRI members, respected members like Bhuvas, Bhagats, Socio-political Workers etc.
B) Conducting Demographical Health Survey:- An immediate demographical health survey is required in order to assess the true position of Routine Immunization along with some relevant demographic information so that quantum of the problem could be ascertained and effective measures would be worked out this survey, selection of falia (Hamlets) volunnteers and informal Village Immunization Committee shall be constitude.
The implementation of this programme is based on this innovative dea is how to reach out the beneficiaries being tribal area where the falia (hamlets) of villages are scattered and distant resulting the beneficiaries are left out unnoticed due to lack of communication as well as ignorance too.Exploting this innovative idea to reach out to all falias in order ro cover being part of micro-management.
C) Capacity building of Link Workers:- The Capacity building programme for 3 days shall be organized at INRECA Complex. During this traning programme LEs shall be motivated & trained to train further Hamlet Volunteers (HVs) to carry out the activities at village level like line listing to the mothers of children who are left oyt from their children from routine immunization,about their hereabouts weather they escaped due to negligence, ignorance or migration to other area to meet both ends. How to maintain contact with them and finally approachthem for availing the benefit of RI to their children and finally share all information to the office. knowledge building up be carried out of HVs, so that thay can have regular contact with influential persons like PRI, FHWs etc & also organize meeting with goverment health staff with the interval of at-least 2 months.
D) Conducting awareness programmes in villages:- Awareness programmes shall be organized in villages especially with prominent persons, PRI members, SHG members, Traditional Bhuvas and social workers where problems and concerns beneficiaries shall be addressed properly. Awareness shall be generated through meeting so that they could understand the importance of routine immunization
E) For Hamlet (Falia) Volunteers:- Training programme shall be arranged in two tier bases; first capacity building programme shall be arranged by Lws, at cluster level comprising 2-3 villages. The method for carrying out their activities with mothers of children, have regular close cantacts with them, share the importance of getting theirchildren fully immunized. how to inspire them to partcipate in getting full immunization of their children, collecting of information and finally sharing with LEs and other staff at main office.
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India has launched Mother NGO Scheme under which INRECA Sansthan has been selected as Mother NGO of Narmada district in order to carry out RCH-II programme w.e.f. 2006-2009 in Phase-I. INRECA Sansthan would be working with 4 Field NGOs namely Anarde Foundation in Tilakwada, Shramik Vikas in Nandod, Shri Narmada Charitable Trust in Dediapada and Shri Sharvajanik Seva Mandal in Sagbara block of Narmada district. This project has been approved worth of Rs.45 lakh for 3 years and would be extended thereafter in order to achieve following objectives:-
- To promote RCH programme with a special focus on promoting health of women, children and adolescents.
- To reach out to the un-served segments of the population with the RCH services through the field NGOs.
- To provide technical support and guidance to field NGOs for contributing implementation of the RCH programme at the community level.
- To encourage and facilitate coordination between field NGOs and the government functionaries.
- To improve health care seeking behaviour among targeted population.
- Expected Outcome for the period of three years from implementation of the project.
- To increase the coverage of complete ANC among pregnant women in selected areas.
- To enhance acceptance of family planning methods and increase the male participation in using spacing and limiting of family planning methods.
- To increase the coverage of complete immunization among children in selected underserved un-served areas.
- To enhance awareness among adolescent about reproductive and sexual health.
- To increase the treatment among men and women in RTI/STI problems.


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