Research Activities

INRECA has started the following research oriented activities through demonstration in the INRECA complex which are briefly mentioned below:

In Dadra & Nagar Haveli, one research programme funded by Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Ministry of Rural Areas & Employment under Research & Development scheme in order to measure the evaporation duration of water, percolation of water into ground. Secondly, effect on ground water by installing deep well hand pumps etc. This Research report is published in R & D Compendium of Rural & Sanitation Research Projects in Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Department of Drinking Water Supply. Ministry of Rural Development. Government of India.

INRECA has started GGMP units which appeared to be very useful. All kinds of garbage is filled into the pits. INRECA is constantly measuring the gas produced from the various garbage dumps in 24 hours and finding out the most suitable garbage for GGMP. Garbage gas is measured through gas flow meters. Demonstration of GGMP units in the INRECA complex is being carried out.

INRECA is also involved in earthworm rearing which is a "Natural Tiller". Earthworms are reared/cultured in organic biomass which can subsequently be used as organic manures. Wormy-composting demonstration is being carried out in the INRECA complex.

Implication of crossbreeding and upgrading indigenous strains of chicken and promotion of backyard poultry is being carried out on a research basis in the INRECA complex.

Experimentation and demonstration of a low cost drip irrigation scheme for use in horticulture is progress in the INRECA complex - Bee keeping during summer is difficult due to the absence of any cultivated flowering plants and being promoted through harnessing honey from forest trees.

Moreover,INRECA is launching some other socio-economic activities in Dadra Nagar Haveli (U.T.) to uplift the tribals of this U.T. under various projects/ programmes sponsored by department like Rural Development and Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.