Public Co-operation


During water is becoming an acute problem day by day in rural, remote area. The tribal areas of Narmada district is more problematic e.g. ground water level decreasing & being rocky hillock drilling or deepening is it self a big problem. INRECA is continuously stressing on providing drinking water facilities by means of installation of hand pumps or wells in order to provide safe, potable drinking water the tribals.

-  INRECA has covered about 100 villages of Dediapada block by installing of 150 hand pump INDIA MARK II deep bore well.

-  About 125 hand pumps in 90 villages of Sagbara block have been installed.

INRECA has constructed and deepened 20 old existing well of 20 villages of Sagbara block.

-  22 villages of Nandod (Rajpipla) block has been covered under this scheme by installation of 44 hand pumps.

-  2 hand pumps are installed in hamlets of Dapada village in Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

-  10 hand pumps in 10 resettlement colonies of Narmada on tees by 1998-99.

-  4 handpumps installed under WFP in Ladwa & Motimogri village by 2001-2002.

-  15 Handpupms are installed in 15 villages of Dhrol block of Jamnagar District

-  10 Large Diameter wells are dug out and constructed in 10 villages of Dhrol block of Jamnagar district.

-  15 recharging ponds are dug out in 15 villages of Dhrol block of Jamnagar district.

-  Deepening and reconstruction of 10 old wells in Devmogra region of Sagbara block of Narmada district.